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Our Story

. competence . united.

evety was founded by the industrial companies

OGE, TÜV SÜD and Horv´áth founded.  

We understand the industry and have access to the experience and knowledge of our shareholders.

Start-up character
by evety

We combine the best of both worlds of start-ups and industrial companies.

evety stands for agility, flexibility, individuality and customer proximity of a start-up.

At the same time, we have incredibly broad expertise in almost all aspects of the energy transition and have a global presence through the joint venture.


Experts in hydrogen and decarbonization

Originally, evety’s consulting focus was on hydrogen.

We have expanded our portfolio with solutions for sustainability and heat.

We are experts in hydrogen and decarbonization.

Our young team consists of intrinsically motivated and dynamic experts. We are driving the energy transition forward out of personal conviction, together with your company.

This is what people appreciate about us

We are a strong partner on equal terms.

We are a leading expert in the field of hydrogen.

We provide our customers with holistic support in the energy transition.

We are interested in the success of our customers' projects and go the last mile.

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