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Supporting the heat transition

We support you in developing a data-based municipal heat transition strategy. We develop a municipal heat plan as a technology-open, long-term and strategically designed process with the goal of a largely climate-neutral heat supply. To do this, we record the status quo and determine local potential for renewable energies so that the target scenarios can be derived from this. Through our network of local actors and the stabilization of the administration ​as well as through a digital twin of the study area in the DigiPAD, we create a locally tailored catalog of measures for the implementation of a data-based municipal heat transition.


Municipal heat planning (KWP)

Implementation of municipal heat planning in compliance with the respective legal requirements and funding guidelines.


Green heat strategy

Accompanying energy suppliers in the implementation of heat planning in the concession communities.


Strategic network planning

Indicator-based target network planning for gas networks taking into account current and future changes in the heating sector.


Business models for green heat

Develop a sound investment strategy that assesses commercial impacts, such as financial viability, and sets out a target path for the future business model.

A selection of our references in the heat planning sector:

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