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Infrastructure readiness

We offer AI-based material data collection of lines and system components for the evaluation and validation of the installed assets (optionally including digitization of your documents). We also enable the creation of a practical H2-Ready database for the documentation of H2-compatible components and lines based on the recorded material data. We support the operational processing of the conversion and certification process for selected sub-networks.


Infrastructure assessment

Assessment of the need for new and suitability of existing infrastructure such as pipelines, port and airport. Assessment for CO2, H2 and its derivatives (e.g. ammonia, methanol).


Definition of conversion areas

Assessment of hydrogen demand along the pipeline network. Based on the increase in hydrogen demand, areas with high potential for hydrogen distribution are defined.


Analysis of H2 operational readiness

Evaluate and categorize your plants and processes with regard to their suitability for hydrogen.


Planning the implementation

Derivation of a precise implementation plan to ensure technical and operational readiness for hydrogen.

A selection of our references in the infrastructure sector:

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