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Your partner for the 
. energy transformation. 

we are evety

The world is changing. That's why evety is acting now. Together with you we drive the change in your company. With conviction, we move forward and solve today's challenges - with tomorrow's energy solutions.

evety is the active designer of the energy transformation. Because we have the necessary know-how and understand your company and your business. Because we are engineers – and we are consultants. But above all, we are your network and your partner.

evety provides you with exactly the right solution. Together with you, we turn plans into processes and processes into functioning economic infrastructures. This is how you transform your business from a classic greenhouse gas emitter to a sustainable, future-oriented company. Welcome to the renewable age.  Welcome to evety.


 creative power 

We develop innovative ideas and economical energy solutions for your company.


We combine specialist knowledge with many years of experience in project implementation through our founding companies.


We rely on a partnership and trusting cooperation in order to move something together with you.

 implementation strength 

We think long-term and rely on hydrogen. In this way we bring the future into your company step by step.
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